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tradeSteward is your one-stop service for automated options trading and trade strategy performance tracking. Take the complex out of complex orders and find your edge today.

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The numbers speak for themselves

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Trading just got a lot easier.

Point and click your way to trading success. Define your bot's strategy on the easy to use configuration page, quickly compare bot performances, and check the second-by-second happenings of your trading bots all from the web. If you can imagine an options trade, tradeSteward can trade it.

Choose from premium, delta, width, or percent distances for your strike selections. Ratios, mixed expirations, and even account-based conflict resolution are all possible.

Your Money. Your Progress.

tradeSteward makes it easy to track your performance and overall progress to your trading goals with easy to use and read charts and reports. A quick-glance, minute-by-minute chart keeps you updated as the trading day unfolds, or take a longer term view on total account performance. The calendar report shows you trends that you might have never realized existed.

All this and much more makes tracking your winners and your money easier than ever.

Trade-by-Trade Strategy Performance

Gone are the days of having to trust your gut on what's working and what's not. Our exclusive, automated trade matching system helps you group your trades to quickly see what's working and what's not. Working seemlessly with our automated trading system, Strategy Performance Tracking will show you the outcome for all of your trades, neatly grouped over time.

Armed with the right data, strategy allocation just suddenly became enjoyable instead of a chore.

Plan Pricing

Get your feet wet with our free tracking offering. Or jump in to autotrading with plans as cheap as $4.99/mo per bot.
Either way, tradeSteward offers a plan to fit your trading needs.

Track & Trade Packages

Track & Trade Premiere

Perfect for traders new to autotrading with more than one account. Use up to three accounts to trade eight bots.


Track & Trade Titanium

Up to 15 automated trading bots to use across all of your linked brokerage accounts.


Track & Trade Platinum

Our most popular offering. Up to 30 automated trading bots to use across all your linked brokerage accounts.


Track & Trade Starter

Track and trade in one account and experience the automated trading edge.


Track & Trade Pro

Getting real. Track and trade in one account with four trading bots.


Track & Trade Elite

For serious traders. Up to 50 automated trading bots to run all your strategies.


Track & Trade 100

Our biggest offering. Tranche all day with 100 automated trading bots.


Tracking Packages

Tracker Free

We'll log your trades and your balance.
Like your broker should. For free.


Tracker Starter

Get started with tracking one account. You'll wonder how you traded before.


Tracker Pro

Keep tabs on all your brokerage accounts with our unlimited tracking.


Just the FAQs

Got questions? No problem. Check out the stuff we get asked the most. If we're missing something, or you want more detail, send us a message to connect.


tradeSteward's founder is a reformed manual options trader (one year his 1099-B was over 400 pages - yikes!) who loved the "feel" of putting on and taking off trades. After realizing how limiting - and how time consuming - it was to manually trade the same strategies day in, day out, something had to change. When you've got multiple trades on with the same strike, scratching down notes throughout the trading day quickly gets confusing and error-prone. There had to be a better way.

And thus, tradeSteward was born. What started as a hobby horse for one retail trader has developed in to one of the leading automated trading platforms, having traded over one million option contracts before launching publicly in 2023.

tradeSteward is committed to delivering the best - and easiest - trading experience possible because it's the same system we use to run our trades every single trading day.

Our automated trading engine allows you to define a trade so that the entry and exit, if desired, is handled automatically for you.

Based on a set of specific entry criteria based on an entry strike selection metric, put or call, log or short, and days to expiration, the trade can consist of up to four option legs per trade. Exits can be defined based on profit targets, stop losses, or timed forced exits or any combination of the three. At the time(s) you specify, the trading engine will put on and then manage the trade from open to close, keeping close tabs on it all along the way. There's never any "guessing" about what the system will do. The bot setup is defined to the point where there's only one right selection for each leg on each trade.

The edge that automated trading system provide is in how many different trades an automated trading system can monitor at once compared to manual trading.

After putting on more than a handful of trades, the average trader can quickly get confused about which option contract goes with which trade. Monitoring various stop or profit criteria and manually putting on a closing trade when the criteria is met and setting up each individual trade on entry can take several minutes. When running many different trades, or even just a few, an automated trading system gives you more time to focus on what matters most - the actual trade - instead of repetitive tasks we could teach a monkey to do.

Speaking of, another advantage of an automated trading system is it significantly curtails "fat finger" mistakes that cost traders lots of money every day. Gone are clicking the wrong strike, the wrong side or opening the wrong quantity. Your automated trading bots get it right every time, every trade.

Not even close.

tradeSteward gives you the tools to be your own trading signal service instead of getting ripped off by someone else's coin-flip trading signal subscription. tradeSteward does not provide anything beyond a connection to your broker's data feed to run the trades you design.


tradeSteward gives you the tools to put your options trading strategies to work, but they are your strategies. tradeSteward will never provide or suggest trades that the user should - or can - run.

EASY! Trading options is already hard enough!

tradeSteward's entire user interface is designed to around an intuitive point and click interface picking up where we think broker's trading systems leave off for dedicated option traders. No reading the tea leaves, no fingers in the air, no clicking until it works. If you can read, point, and click you can use tradeSteward to start running your trades today.

If you can use a microwave, you can create a tradeSteward bot*.

The bot creation page is broken up in to the obvious parts of any trade - where to enter (by picking an account), what to enter (by putting in the leg targets you want to trade), when to enter (by setting the times/days and target days to expiration to enter), and how to manage (by setting profit targets, stop loss settings, and exit times).

And, if you want to look back at how the bot was setup on a certain time and day, tradeSteward makes that easy, too. We store all your old parameters so you can look at your historical settings over time.

You can also create copy a bot from a friend that also uses tradeSteward using the Share Bot feature. Using a special link they give you, this show you their bot's settings and allow you to create a bot based on their bot. All you have to do is give it a name and pick an account!

*If you occasionally burn your popcorn, the tradeSteward Discord can help get you started.

At this time, tradeSteward supports integration with TDAmeritrade and Schwab.

We have plans to add more brokers in the near future. Stay tuned!

Absolutely. You can use any account that's linked with your TDAmeritrade or Schwab username that you created your brokerage link with.

As long as each account is linked with your brokerage to the account you signed in to your brokerage with on the "Manage Linked Accounts" page, or during account setup, you can trade and track with as many accounts as your subscription level supports.

If you add a new account after subscribing to tradeSteward, simply visit "Manage Linked Accounts" and click "Refresh Linked Accounts" to update the listing of accounts. You must be a named owner of the account, or have full trading privileges, to use linked accounts with tradeSteward.

Each account also has to have options approval for the level of trades you are trying to run. For information on how to link accounts with your brokerage or check your accounts' options trading levels, contact your brokerage account's customer support.

You. Your data is your data.

tradeSteward Support will only access your data to provide support for your account, and all access for this purpose is logged in an audit trail - no exceptions. We're not mining your trades, strategies, bots or balances.

While some vendors may be scraping your trade data to analyze your bot returns or for other reasons, tradeSteward respects your privacy and all the hard work that goes in to refining your craft. Our promise to you is to keep your strategies as secret as ours.

Absolutely. We're traders, too, after all.

tradeSteward Support loves feedback from our users. The entire tradeSteward suite of products is built based on how traders actually trade. So if there's something missing, we want to hear about it. Shoot us a message in the tradeSteward Discord or contact Support to start the conversation.

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